When Only a Shopping Trip Will Do

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Life is busy. After a working week, school runs and going to the gym, seeing friends and family and finally getting round to finishing that series you started on Netflix six months ago, where is the time to go shopping for new clothes? It’s easy to get stuck in a style rut when the demands of life take up all your time, but sometimes we have to face the music and get ourselves on the high street. Have you been putting off a shopping trip? Let’s take a look at the signs that tell us that a date with the changing rooms is on the cards.

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Style and Taste

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As time goes by and fashion changes, so does our taste. For this reason, a wardrobe clear-out (and subsequent charity shop donations) can get rid of a lot of old clothes that don’t match your taste anymore. Sure, ten years ago that day-glo rave T-shirt was a favourite, but who is going raving when there is a series to binge-watch and a wonderful red to drink? Clear out the old and make way for the new for who you are now.

Body Shape

As we get older our body shapes change, regardless of what we eat or how many times we get to the gym (or not). With this in mind, those jeans that were comfortable ten years ago might not fit you now, even if your weight has stayed the same. Body composition and shape change, so embrace the gift of growing older and switch up your clothes to join you on this fabulous journey.

Changing Seasons

Summer is finally here. Put away those leggings and enjoy the sun with summer dresses! Step into summer or brace for winter with some new pieces that match the approaching season from suppliers such as

Same Old, Same Old

Admit it. You have two tops and one pair of jeans that you love and you are wearing to death. If you open your wardrobe and 90% of it remains untouched and you wear the same rotation of three items all the time, the shops both online and high street are calling. Reclaim your sense of self, style and fun with a wardrobe revamp. Skip the gym this week and instead give your wardrobe a workout.

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