Top Tips to Sport Your Simple Lehengas in a Grand Way

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Nobody can consistently dress in lehengas for every occasion and yet look good. So, there must be a way to look stunning without dressing in a lehenga design that forbids you from compromising your sense of style.

This time, develop your own style and aim to maintain things elegant, conventional, and classic with a dash of modernity. You have access to a comprehensive list of all women’s simple lehenga choli styles to help you choose your lehenga! has fabulous lehenga styles that can make you fall in love with them. Check out the latest Hatkay lehengas and decide for yourself.

To up your fashion game, selecting the most fashionable clothing becomes important. Additionally, choosing hefty designer lehengas all the time would get old and expensive. Create your own personal style by incorporating current touches into basic, elegant, and timeless ideas.

So, are you prepared to wear a lehenga choli? Here are a few of the sexiest new lehenga styles compiled below for you. There is a lehenga for every mood, so browse the trendy lehenga designs below and choose the one that best suits you.

Sexiest Lehengas Styles and Designs for Women

Up your fashion game by following the tips below.


  • Net lehenga gives a princess look


An exciting approach for a woman to wear a simple lehenga is a net lehenga in pastel hues like mint green, sand yellow, and rose pink. Any occasion, including wedding receptions and festival get-togethers, is appropriate for a net lehenga style.

The net lehenga is made up of several layers of the net that are sewn together to make the skirt and give those with a simple or delicate shape depth or thickness.


  • Velvet lehengas:


This lehenga is made of simple velvet. Because velvet gives grandeur and richness to any cloth, designers use it to create some of the newest lehenga designs. Without sacrificing the lehenga’s simplicity and beauty, velvet lehengas make you look extremely authentic. Any fashion trend is complemented by simple velvet patterns with intricate and delicate gold and silver embroidery in rich shades such as green and red.


  • Plain cotton lehengas:


Try a new basic lehenga design composed of breathable and comfortable cotton if hefty fabric lehengas are not your cup of tea. The only fabric that can keep you cool on a steamy summer afternoon or a windy winter is cotton. With a straightforward cotton lehenga design, you do not have to give up fashion, cosmetics, colors, forms, or jewelry.


  • Silk lehengas for a royal look:


Smooth silk makes a beautiful lehenga fabric, and it looks even superior when the pattern is understated and not garish. The straightforward silk lehenga is a bridal essential since it looks good for every occasion.

At Hatkay, you will find a range of silk lehengas of the latest 2022 trends and upcoming fashion before any other website. The website is always updated with modern collections as they follow every fashion trend. You can shop for all the women in your family effortlessly on this website.


  • Simple lehenga saree:


A simple lehenga saree might be a woman’s closest friend in situations when they feel that they don’t have any new dress to wear. You do not need to drape the saree because it is a skirt with attached pleats and pallu. You’re set to leave once you slip into the skirt, cinch the pleats around your waist, and sling the pallu over your shoulder.

Simple to use and may help you save some time! You can select a kanjeevaram or pure silk fabric for a stunning lehenga choli, keeping up with runway trends.

So, by choosing the above fabrics and following the tips discussed, you can look absolutely amazing and sexiest. Wear these to your family occasions or any other event, and no one can look as good as you.

Lehenga Choli Styling Tips

Selecting a lehenga style, color, shade, design, and pattern that goes with your skin tone, type of your body, and personality is very much essential. What else are you looking for, then? Consider a few things and look for them in your chosen attire to prevent last-minute dress disappointments. Then, if you are all set to wear a lehenga for your upcoming occasions, here is some piece of great advice that you will like.

  • Wear simple jewelry that suits your lehenga: Maintain balance while wearing jewelry with lehengas. Simple lehengas give you the freedom to go overboard with the jewelry but do not. Contrarily, simple lehengas with heavy jewelry have a rich, regal appearance, while simple lehengas with delicate jewelry have an exquisite, contemporary appearance. Try jewelry options such as jhumkas, thin necklaces, etc. as they enhance your looks.
  • Hairstyle should complement your overall appearance: Keep your hairdo simple if your lehenga is simple. This is a great alternative to jewelry. As a simple lehenga hairstyle, try a sloppy bun. Like all the fashionistas, let your hair flow with the wind. You can wear your hair straight and sleek or in crazy waves.
  • Wear trending accessories: Simple lehenga accessories can add an edgy touch, such as fashionable chokers, a gorgeous clutch, or a fringed sling. Keep in mind that wearing sunglasses on your lehenga gives you a hot look. Making the right choice while selecting accessories is important. If in doubt, completely exclude them, but do not wear them without knowing which styles look good on you. Ask for suggestions from people around you to make a decision.


We think that these tips will give you an understanding of how to style while wearing your lehenga.


Now that you are aware of how to select a simple lehenga and enhance your appearance by following the tips, you can boldly compete in this game of style. If you are looking for suggestions with respect to lehengas, Hatkay Lehengas are absolutely the best. Check out the modern collection and we assure you that you will be spoilt for choice.

Lehengas in style and simplicity can only be bought on online websites as you can find a range of collections. However, do your homework and keep the rules in mind before deciding to buy a lehenga. Hope you find your favorite lehenga to sport in style.

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