Five Awesome Reasons why you should wear Colored Lenses

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I’m pretty sure everyone has wondered atleast once what they would look like with a different eye color. Well, worry no more! Now you can do so with ease. Colored contacts are a wonderful convenience and an amazing way to try something new.

Some things you need to know:

So here are a few things for anyone who’s been contemplating getting colored lenses.

  • First of all, colored lenses, for example London sky coloured contact lenses are the same as regular ones for the most part. So if you’ve been using regular contacts, there’s nothing that’ll be new when you do try colored contacts, except for the fact that they have color.
  • While the entire concept of colored contacts is exactly the same as normal ones, they are a little thicker. Due to this reason, the colored kind might give you a new feeling when worn for the first time.
  • There is a perception that contacts are for those who have vision problems. However, that’s not true at all. Of course, it makes no sense to wear transparent lenses if you don’t have weak eye sight. But the story is entirely different for colored lenses as along with fixing any vision problems you might have, they also serve the purpose of providing a beautiful color. It follows logically, that you can wear colored contacts even if your vision is perfect.
  • All the steps for maintenance and hygiene of regular lenses apply for colored contacts too.

Reasons to Wear Colored Lenses

Now that you know that colored lenses are as the name suggests lenses with color, let’s go on to all the reasons why you should be trying them on!

Change up Your Look!

It’s such a fun thing isn’t it? Colored contacts are a huge step forward in the makeup world too if you really think about it. Pairing the right colored contacts with the right eye makeup can really amp up the entire personality.

You can go from being somber and subdued, to vivid and vivacious in matter of seconds! For those with glasses, there is the huge advantage of shedding your glasses altogether and going from a nerdy look to a chic look, and who doesn’t want that?

Halloween Shenanigans

Halloween is that time of the year when everyone big or small, old or young anticipates and plans outfits for dressing up. Little kids aim to be fairies and imps with their little buckets in their hand when they go trick or treating from door to door. Teenagers look to dress up and attend parties with outrageous themes and scary nuances. It’s an entirely different world altogether, one made even more realistic with the introduction of colored lenses.

Colored contacts can really help gel your entire look together on Halloween. For instance, if you wish to dress up as a cat, there are these amazing contacts now available which have a realistic cat-like slit. For those who wish to go on the scarier spectrum such as maybe a vampire, there are red contacts available too!

Confidence Booster

This might sound a bit shallow, but it’s true all the same. When you are looking your best, it definitely gives your confidence a huge boost. And who doesn’t want to look good? I, for one, don’t know anyone who aims to look bad, I know plenty who try to look amazing! Contacts can really help in this regards. Your natural eye color may be beautiful no doubt everyone who has working eyes must be grateful, but the natural color may not suit your face as well as a different color might! Colored contacts are such a fun way to try out different looks, and various eye colors to find the one that looks spectacular on you.

Lots of Variety

One of the best things about colored contacts is the sheer variety available nowadays. You can literally try any color of the rainbow and any shade of these colors at that! There are unique colors like forest green, and truly striking ones like hazel.

Stand out from the Crowd

Trying a unique london sky coloured contact lenses to stand-out from the crowd? This blue eye color is exceedingly rare and you will hardly find anyone with the said color. If you do decide to try a color such as blue or maybe even a truly unique one like violet, you’ll be sure to turn heads everywhere you go!

Wearing lenses is easy and fun, but remember it’s also something that calls for considerable responsibility. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before handling contacts. It’s important to ensure you are changing the lenses within the appointed time, and never wear them to sleep unless they are the extended wear kind. Cleaning and disinfecting them regularly and ensuring all other precautions is necessary.

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