How to Choose the Best Carpet

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Carpet shopping is similar to buying a car. There are so many brands, styles, colors, and types of carpet that it can be overwhelming.

It is possible to choose the right carpet by doing basic research, comparison shopping and working with a trusted retailer.

How to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Home

There are so many options for carpet colors and styles available and also have options of custom rugs with logo for office area. It can be hard to find the right one for you. Carpet Land’s sales team will answer all your questions and help you choose the right style for your environment.


Think function first when shopping for carpeting. When choosing a carpeting type, ask yourself some questions.

  • What’s the purpose of this room?
  • What is the traffic?
  • Is the room well-lit?
  • Is the light changing during the day?
  • Are you able to see it from indoor or outdoor?
  • How often will I vacuum it?

These questions will help determine the right fiber for your carpet.

Choose the perfect padding

You can protect your sub-floor with a carpet pad that is moisture-resistant or increase the softness of your carpet by using memory foam padding. Although you can’t see the padding, you will feel the wear on your carpet if it isn’t properly padded.

Consider Durability

Shaw carpet fibers have R2X soil and stain resistance, so spillages won’t be a problem. Your floor is protected from liquid spillages and accidents thanks to R2X stain and soil resistance.

Different types of carpet: Select the carpet fiber that suits your needs best

Nylon is a great choice for homes with children and pets, high-traffic areas and carpets that will last at least a decade.

Polyester (also known as PET) is stain-resistant, luxurious underfoot and available in deep and vivid colors. It is best to use it in bedrooms and other areas with low traffic.

Triexta (brands include Smart-Strand, Sorona), is a new fiber that’s partly made from corn sugar. It is a permanent, excellent anti-stain fiber and excellent resilience but it is too early to know if it will be as durable as nylon in high-traffic areas.

Olefin carpeting is popular for areas that are high in traffic, such as family rooms or play areas. Olefin (polypropylene), is an attractive and inexpensive fiber. It’s strong, resists fading, and it’s not nearly as durable as nylon.

Choose Your Carpet Provider With Care

There are many places to buy carpet, but it is best to choose a trusted establishment that specializes only in carpeting. Every day Carpet Land offers free estimates, professional installation, and 0% financing.

Compare Colors and Patterns

You can narrow your search by selecting shades that best match the mood or tone that you wish to create in each room. Consider the lighting conditions in the room and how much natural light is available to choose a color that will complement the existing furniture.

Carpeting vs. Area Rugs

You might be better off with an area rug than wall-to-wall carpeting. How can you tell? Take a look at the differences. Carpeting has many advantages. It’s soft and warm underneath, muffles sound, and cushions falls. It is also very affordable.

Carpet Land has a wide range of area rugs to choose from, but you can also design your own customized-sized rug using any style or color of carpet in the store. Because they can be moved around between rooms, and come in many different colors and designs than other flooring options, area rugs are very popular. You can also make a bold statement with an area rug, which is easier than wall-to-wall carpeting.

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