3 Things That Make Online Shopping Different Than Shopping In Person

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Online shopping is extremely common now, no matter what it is you’re shopping for. Specialty shoes, conceal and carry pants, board games, kitchen knives – you name it,  and chances are you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for online and at a decent price too. In many ways, shopping for everything online can be convenient and really feels like the way of the future. But sometimes things don’t work out exactly how you would want them to when you are doing all of your shopping online. Here are a few ways it differs from shopping in person. 


One of the perks of shopping online can be that it saves you time because you are able to order something at the click of a button even if you’re at work or in bed, etc. Unfortunately, the timeline can be a little less than ideal. For example, if you walk into a store to purchase something in person you will more than likely be able to have the item in your hands that very same day (if they have it in stock). 

However,  if you order the same thing online you will have to rely on the packers and shippers at the company you ordered from as well as the postal service to deliver it to you in a timely manner. This can cause some stress, so if you need something by a specific date make sure to either order well ahead of time or buy it in person at a brick and mortar store.

Seeing/Trying On Items

Something that occasionally turns people off of online shopping is the fact that you can’t see, touch, or try on an item prior to purchase. Most places have excellent return policies now, but if you are the type of person who never gets around to returning things, that is definitely something to think about when deciding whether or not to purchase something online. Many people choose to buy everything online aside from things they’ll have to try on such as clothing and shoes, and that is a personal choice which is just fine. 

More Options

Perhaps one of the most positive things about online shopping is the amount of options it gives you. You are able to search basically the entire world for the thing you’re looking for, rather than being restricted to one small area. This is pretty amazing and should never be taken for granted! Be grateful for all of the options you have, and try not to get too overwhelmed when deciding on the best one for you! 

Shopping online and shopping in person are two entirely different experiences, but at the end of the day they both accomplish the same thing. Try both, weigh the pros and cons of each, and decide which is best for your lifestyle. Spoiler alert –  it may very well end up being a combination of the two. 

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