Which Suitcase Is Best For You?

Young woman in international airport walking with her luggage.

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Are you getting ready for a vacation? Or just looking for a new appropriate carry on luggage for yourself? Perhaps, a Soft Sided Carry On Luggage may suits your needs. From international travel, cruises, to small trips, everyone needs a proper suitcase that consists of all the features that will assist you in achieving a comfortable and relaxing vacation or trip. If you are looking for a new suitcase or carry on, then this article was written to help you choose the best suitcase. 

We all have that one favorite suitcase, especially a carry on, that has all the features we love to place our gadgets, clothes, and necessities in for travel, but let’s be honest, it is literally falling apart and has wears and tears all over. In actuality, some suitcases are very durable and long lasting, but it is time for a new suitcase. In choosing to purchase a new suitcase or carry on luggage, we need to consider some points. We need to ponder upon the weight of the suitcase, quality or durability, style, wheels, hard shell or soft shell, color, and last but not least, the price. 

The weight of the luggage really depends on how many items on top of your necessities you will be taking, as some people, specifically those who travel internationally, take many items and souvenirs for their friends and family. This can tend to increase the weight drastically, so think about this when looking at how much the luggage weighs. Next, you may have to choose in between a durable and long lasting suitcase rather than the appealing, yet undependable suitcase. To check for durability, check the wheels and if they are thick or thin, and also the types of openings and zippers as well as the handle by testing it up and down and talking it for a walk across the aisle. Lastly, pay attention to the materials the suitcase is made from because that can determine the durability or cheap quality. 

Now, let’s talk about hard shell suitcase covers and soft shell. Hard shell covers are not as durable as soft shell as they can crack easily. Luggage’s, especially soft shell carry on luggage, are much more durable and they are easier to stuff more items in. Choosing the right color for suitcase is also very important. They are usually made black or dark colored and that is because suitcases tend to get dirty as they travel everywhere from the store, to your home, to the airport, under the plane, on top of your car or bus, and so many more places. You can choose a light color if that is what you prefer and if you don’t mind the marks and dirt that shows itself after it’s first trip. Lastly, is the price of the suitcase. You have to consider your budget, if the suitcase is worth the amount written on it, all while investigating with the tips mentioned above. Happy suitcase shopping!

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