How to wear different shades of blue together

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Blue is considered a calm natural positive colour and can look great whatever the occasion.


When wearing blue, accessories can make all the difference. Either choose a different colour to pair with, or if you want to go all out blue, choose a variety of textures and shades so you have some contrast to your outfit.

A silk scarf in either a patterned design, lighter blue or in a different bold colour can be worn loosely around the neck, or tied in a single loose knot, looking stylish and sophisticated.


Denim, which is traditionally blue, looks great with other types of blue. White can also look sleek and stylish, especially in the summer months.

Two world leaders were recently pictured together wearing the same shade blue which got a lot of attention.


It is relatively easy to get shoes in a blue shade whether you prefer fashion trainers, smart office shoes, elegant heels or sandals. For this time of year, a blue shoe with a wedge heel can look summery and fashionable and is easy and comfortable to wear.








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Bags are also readily available in blue, and depending on the occasion, you could get a blue clutch bag for an evening out to hold all those essentials, or a large blue tote bag if you have a lot to carry and are out for the day.

Maxi dress

A navy maxi dress is a great addition to any wardrobe as it can be worn to the office, out for lunch, or jazzed up for an evening out. If you’re looking for a navy maxi dress visit AX Paris. Perfect as a day dress, this style is easy to wear and looks good all day long. If you want something a bit different, go for a style with thigh slits, plunging necklines or embroidered hems.


Blue goes well with bold jewellery such as large hooped earrings which are very ‘on trend’, or pendants with gemstones and delicate, feminine bracelets.


A denim jacket with a blue outfit can finish off the look if meeting friends or going out for the day, but if you need something a little smarter, try a white blazer in the summer, or a satin blazer if going somewhere classy or high end. If you are looking best quran for hifz please visit my site.

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