How to style a red dress for summer

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Red is the ultimate colour of passion, excitement, power and love. Conjuring up images of red lipstick, red roses and Valentine’s day, it is clear that a red dress oozes sex appeal. Despite its timeless appeal, it is a colour that is never really on trend; instead, red is built around other trends of the time. How can you style a red dress to make sure you sizzle while being bang on trend this summer?






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A report in Psychology Today examines the connotations of the colour red and what it means to opt for it as a colour preference in terms of clothing

With neutrals

Red is such a bold and striking colour that it needs no help in standing out. Don’t complicate a red outfit by mixing it with intricate designs or other bright colours; instead, team it with neutral shades such as nude and black to create a classy look that takes nothing away from the main focal point. For a summer wedding, a red maxi dress teamed with nude heels could be a killer outfit.







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The right fit

Red is a striking but unforgiving shade. Too tight and it gives the wrong image; too loose and it can look fussy and unflattering. With bold colours, the key is to keep it tailored and find the right fit for you. You will stand out in red, so make sure it is for the right reasons.

Accessorise well

As with colouring, you don’t need to overdo it when it comes to wearing a red dress. A few well-picked accessories will really enhance the look. Gold jewellery sits perfectly against red, so go for a statement earring or necklace. A pair of classic cat-eye sunglasses will give a red dress that undeniable touch of glamour, while a leather jacket can add an alternative, edgy look. Accessorise well and you can get a lot of different styles from one red dress. If you are looking for a red maxi dress visit AX Paris or another fashion brand.

Make it fun

Red is often seen as a serious and powerful colour; however, if you want to make it a little more casual, look out for floaty florals or red gingham. This gives you the opportunity to showcase red but with a lighter, fun approach.

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