Five Tips for Customizing Wristbands for Corporate Events

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Even noticed when your guests hold onto their custom wristbands? Most people hold onto their wristbands long after the party has ended. Custom wristbands for companies, corporate events, and venues provide an excellent marketing opportunity and a stylish souvenir for your guests. As you customize your wristband, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

Choose the Right Material 

Custom wristbands come in a wide variety of materials. The most common kinds are plastic, silicone, Tyvek, vinyl, and woven. The material depends on how your design translates from the computerized design to your customized wristband. Tyvek is the best material for translating designs from the computer onto an actual wristband. However, the design tends to bleed, so make sure the design you use does not contain too much detail. Plastic wristbands are great for designs with lots of detail and are as comfortable and thin as Tyvek wristbands. Silicone wristbands are commonly used at corporate events, sporting events, and other occasions. They are often used by charities and nonprofit organizations to promote awareness about a particular cause. 

Choose the Right Colors 

It just as important to choose the right colors just as it is to choose the right materials. You want to use colors that best represent your brand or event. Before you choose a dark color, consider the color of the logo or text you plan to use. Some wristbands come with a limited selection of colors. Choose colors that complement each other than clash. 

Learn About DPI 

DPI is an abbreviation for dots per inch. This means how many dots fit one square inch. It is a type of measurement that is commonly used in print resolution. This is important when choosing the right design, image, or logo for your custom wristbands. A high DPI will reveal more detail in your design while a low DPI can leave you with a blurry result. The best rule of measure is to choose 300 DPI since it will ensure that your image will be crisp and sharp. Remember to use the right file formats for uploading your images online. For example, JPEG and GIF file formats are not the best for custom wristbands. 

Consider the Placement 

Once you have an image in mind, you have to consider its placement. The online customization tool should help you place an image onto your wristband. It will give you an idea of how the final product will look. When designing your customized wristband, keep the important elements on the left side. On most wristbands, the fastenings are often situated on the right side. 

Give Yourself Enough Time 

You have the material and colors picked out, and now it is time to order your wristband. Did you give yourself enough time for the designing and shipping process? Plain wristbands are easy to order while custom wristbands require more time. Designs with delicate lines or intricate details may take more time. Make sure to order your custom wristbands two weeks before your corporate event.

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